Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Life is a Gift

What do you do with life?

Do you live it for the sake of living?
Do you live for others?
Do you live for yourself?

Life is a gift, unique to each and every living creation, courtesy of the big guy aka Morgan Freeman. It is precious and heck, you get only one shot at it. People are afraid of dying And yet they forget to live. People start dying from the day they are born. That is a fact, There is no denying that fact.If you are born, you must die. And yet everyone forgets the most crucial part in between those two extremes, living. People get so caught up in climbing the corporate ladder, rigging the rat race and hell kissing ass, all in an effort to get ahead in life. WHAT LIFE? The life you have forgotten to live in an attempt to better said life. You might think that money, security and money will help you in life. Hell ya! They will help you indeed. They'll get you the latest toys, that new 150 inch flat screen TV, which in turn will give you happiness. Right? You'd expect me to say Wrong, but hell I'm not going to disagree with 150 inches of high definition happiness. BUT, when you get down to it, does that crystal clear picture or the perfect sound quality give you happiness or the fact that your neighbour probably burst an aneurism when he saw the movers carting the baby into your living room.  If the answer to the latter was in the positive, then you have a problem like every other single creature on earth. You're living your life for somebody else, actually you're living your life for everybody except yourself. Ever since we were kids, adults have governed our life, what we should wear, what we should eat, what we should learn and how we should conform to an acceptable way of life. But heres the question again, Whose Life? We study, get jobs and start families, we do what we are told, we abide by laws and are respected in society, but at the end of it all, we are so caught up, in living a life that isn't ours, we forget to even be miserable at not being able to discover what we were capable of. Hell, we didn't even try to explore what we could have done with our lives. As kids the very notion of being Rockstars, Presidents and Astronauts is encouraged. It is in its very essence patronizing and pacification, cos we are stupid kids who don't know any better. But once you reach an age where you're potty trained and can aim at the urinal and can use a spoon, napkin and fork, the question of being a Rockstar goes out the window like it never existed. You tell your parents that you want to drop out and start a band, and you'll be out on your ass before you can say Gibson. But in all fairness, your parents do have your best interests at heart. And its always nice to have a back up to fall back on if things don't go as planned. Cos, sometimes life will wake you up from your dreams in a very abrupt way and you've got to have something to wake up to. BUT that does not mean, you don't go back at the end of the day and dream again.

 your parents to   others and now as adults, our peers, who themselves are adults, still govern our lives.  Then answer me

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