Monday, October 29, 2012

Iron Man 3: The Iron Patriot

Iron Man 3 will hit theatres in April, 2013. The third installment of the franchise features two bad guys. Or thats how it looks like. Tony Stark aka Iron Man, will be facing off agains the classic baddie The Mandarin, who incidentally, in the comics is described as the leader of the Order of the Ten Rings. The same terrorist group that kidnapped Tony in the first installment. Now with Jon Favreau not at the helm, the new director Shane Black is going in another direction, making Iron Man grittier a la The Dark Knight. 

Tony Stark will be going up against the Mandarin, that much is for sure. But here, the questions arise about the movie's second villain/ anti- hero/ ally? The Iron Patriot.

These photos show that the Iron Patriot, is decked up in the flight suit customised for Col. Rhodey aka War Machine, but with a star spangled paint job. But, heres the question, The Iron Patriot in the comic books is described as a baddie, the bizzarro to Iron Man. But if Rhodey Rhodes is piloting the suit, that characterisation for the Iron Patriot may not fly well with fans of the comic books. Though it could lead room for a possible confrontation between Rhodey and Tony like in Iron Man 2, but that scenario seems highly unlikely.

Or a more likely version would be  that War Machine aka The Iron Patriot will be a government sanctioned Iron Man who fights crime and terror at the behest of the government, which could again pit The Iron Patriot and Iron Man against each other. 

So, we'll just have to wait and see if the Iron Patriot will be fighting alongside Iron Man or against him.

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