Monday, August 6, 2012

Real Life Recall

So i watched the remake of Total Recall this weekend, the movie was good enough, between kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel and the Martian prostitute, i would say that i got my moneys worth. But it also got me thinking. So, here I was, another week and nothing new in life. I mean absolutely nothing, zip, nada. Its days like these that make you wonder why you exist. I personally think all of us need something like Recall, to take our minds of our mundane lives. Not all of us can become spies, actors, models or even Batman (Being Batman is my calling, so there). But we sure as hell can pretend. Even if just for a day, if we could leap off buildings, romance femme fatales in exotic locations, have millions of adoring fans mob you for an autograph, it would bring us such happiness. But heres the deal, Recall in real life, or Recall for us, is the silver screen. For two hours we get to live the lives of super heroes and spies, we get to save the world and we get to be cool. And when the end credits roll, we have to realise that all good things must come to an end. So, here i was walking out of the theatre after watching a really cool movie, with the awkward realisation that my life was far from what i had just witnessed on the big screen. But hey, its my life, i have got to live it nonetheless. Cause if  i don't, who is ? 

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