Saturday, March 16, 2013

Snippets of Fiction 2

She looked at him with forlorn eyes. He was nursing a cup of camamile tea as he spoke on the phone. She didn't know who was on the other end.In fact, she didn't want to know. Right now, he was an attractive man, seated opposite her at a cafe in Paris. What could be a more romantic setting? Now all that was left was their eyes to meet.

She had been willing him to look up from his tea for the past quarter of an hour. He was engrossed in the conversation. He was dressed casually in Jeans and an LL Bean Jacket, but he did have a very formal looking briefcase by his side. Who was he? She wondered. A corporate big shot,a journalist maybe or even a spy. Maybe he was getting instructions on his next assignment on the phone, maybe it was an assassination. She smiled. Her imagination did get away from her sometimes. She cointinued to stare at him discreetly. All he had to do was look up, and he would see her, maybe he would  walk up to her, maybe they would strike up a conversation, maybe they would begin dating, maybe he would be waiting by the altar. She smiled again.

As she looked at him again, she paused, he was looking right at her. He had caught her staring. She felt herself blush. He raised his cup and gave her a smile and a nod, acknowledging her.

She watched silently as he drained his cup, left change on the table and walked out the door and out of her life.Well, she shrugged, you win some, you lose some.

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