Thursday, July 26, 2012

So I know that i haven't been updating my blog at all. Not like anyone cares but still. But heres the thing, i have been thinking about some stuff, again not like anyone cares, I was wondering about what makes us happy in life, what is it that makes life worth living. Now each of us has something completely different, that fulfills us. But more often than not, we tend to forget what it is. So if anyone out there stumbles on this post, i would really like you to tell me, what it is that makes life beautiful for you. What makes it worth living. Now let me be clear, to watch his own, it can be anything from a Lamborghini to long walks on the beach. It could be something shallow and materialistic (I'm completely for that btw) or something transcendental and visceral (I have no idea what that is). But each of us has only one life, eighty to ninety odd years if we're lucky. But still, these years that make up our life must mean something to us. We sren't living just for the sake of living now are we? ARE WE? I certainly hope not. So if it pleases thee, please tell me, what it is that makes you tick.

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